Two of the most asked questions is: What controllers can I use? & How do I connect controllers?

Controllers can be any bluetooth controller (Except PS3) such as:

  • PS4
  • Xbox One (360 is not bluetooth)
  • Ipega series 
  • Gamesir series
  • Arcade sticks
  • Matricom series
  • 8bitdo series
  • Almost any bluetooth controller

I recommend the above as the best around.

You can also (should you have the options) plug controllers in via USB

The app automatically maps almost all controllers, some controllers may need you to map them by going to settings – gamepad – gamepad mapping.

How do I connect controllers?

You can connect controller through bluetooth (proving you have a bluetooth device) and via USB. If you plug in via USB nothing else is needed, just open and play. But to connect some via bluetooth, I will explain PS4 and Xbox as other controllers vary in how you put the controller into bluetooth mode. Controllers generally come with instructions on how to put into bluetooth mode, then just connect via the evices bluetooth search.

PS4 – Hold down Options and PS together until you get a white light (your PS4 must be switched off or it will keep connecting to it). Now open your Bluetooth settings, usually in Android or Amazon settings then select bluetooth – search devices and connect.

Xbox One – Make sure your Xbox is switched off completely and not in standy mode. Press the X on yoru controller, then on the top of the controller hold down the little black button until you get a rapid flashnig  on the controller. Now open your Android or Amazon Bluetooth search and connect.


Hope that helps everyone.