Adding games to PRG App is as easy as putting the games into a folder and make PRG app scan it. Folders with games can be stored in the device’s own storage, cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive and network area storage devices (NAS).

Please note that all users start with a trial period. Once the trial period finishes you will be restricted to only 6 games, you need to upgrade your user account with an Activation Code to remove this limitation.

There are three methods to add games to prg:

Any of the three methods are supported when using local storage (internal/USB/SD card) and remote storage like DropBox and Google Drive. Just keep in mind the following:

Zipped or unzipped

MAME is the only emulator that uses compressed files as input, all other emulators require the files to be uncompressed. PRG will scan and recognize your game files compressed with zip, 7zip and rar, but before starting the game, PRG must uncompress the game to run the emulator. The uncompression will take some time if the file is too large, and the uncompressed copy will be put in your internal storage.

So your options are:

Supported file formats

The following is the list of supported file formats for each system. Your file can be stored inside a compressed file (.zip, .rar, .7z) according to the restrictions stated above.

Atari 2600                       bin a26 
Atari 5200 a52
Atari 7800 bin a78
Atari Jaguar j64 jag
Atari Lynx lnx
Atari XL/XE atr xex exe car
Final Burn Alpha zip 7z
Commodore Amiga adf hdf
Game Boy gb
Game Boy Advance gba
Game Boy Color gbc gb 
MAME zip 7z
MSX cas dsk mx1 mx2 col rom
Nintendo 64 n64 v64 z64
Nintendo Entertainment System nes
Panasonic 3DO iso bin img
PC MS-DOS one folder
PC Engine / TurboGrafx pce cue ccd iso img bin chd
Playstation iso cue bin img mdf pbp toc cbn m3u
PSP iso elf cso prx pbp
ScummVM one folder
Sega 32X 32x
Sega CD iso cue bin
Sega Dreamcast gdi cdi chd(v4)
Sega Game Gear gg
Sega Genesis/MegaDrive mdx md smd gen iso cue bin sms gg sg
Sega Master System sms
Super Nintendo smc sfc

Scanning and re-scanning

When you add a single game PRG will scan the file and add it to the list. Once in the list it will stay permanent unless you remove it in the Game Details screen (the one that has the Play button). Note that you can always remove the file from the list, but PRG will not remove the file from your storage.

When you add s single folder PRG will scan it looking for games for the system that you selected.  It will not scan the folder again unless you request it to. So if you add or remove games to that folder, you must request a rescan in Manage Games -> Manage Folders, then select the folder and use the option to rescan.

If you are using a PRG Collection you need to request a rescan the first time and every time you add or remove games on it. Use the option Manage Games -> Rescan.

PRG Collections

A PRG Collection is a unified folder structure to organize your collection under an unique PRG folder at the root of any of your Android drives. This folder structure can be created through PRG itself,  just go to Manage Games -> Manage folders, select the drive and the app will offer you to create or update your folder structure.  In cases where Android forbids the app to write in your device, you can use a computer or an Android file manager to create the folders yourself.

In the example below taken from a Samsung device, you can see that PRG will look into the folders /sdcard/prg and /storage/extSdCard/prg :

Note: If you don’t see your drives here, some apps like ES Explorer take ownership on the drives, just close it, or unmount the drives from that app before opening prg

The official names for the current supported platforms are (case sensitive):

prg/3do        Panasonic 3DO
prg/atari Atari XL/XE/5200
prg /atari2600 Atari 2600 (VCS)
prg /atari7800 Atari 7800
prg/amiga Commodore Amiga (Read additional details below)
prg/dc Sega Dreamcast
prg/dos MS-DOS (Read additional details below)
prg/fba Final Burn Alpha
prg/gamegear Sega Game Gear
prg/gb GameBoy
prg/gba GameBoy Advance
prg/gbc GameBoy Color
prg/genesis Sega Genesis
prg/jaguar Atari Jaguar
prg/lynx Atari Lynx
prg/mame MAME (Read additional details below)
prg/msx MSX (Read additional details below)
prg/n64 Nintendo 64
prg/nes Nintendo Entertainment System
prg/pcengine PC Engine
prg/psp PlayStation Portable
prg/psx PlayStation
prg/scummvm ScummVM (Read additional details below)
prg/sega32x Sega 32X
prg/segacd Sega CD
prg/snes Super Nintendo
prg/sms Sega Master System

As an example, this is a valid folder structure for 5 Sega Genesis games. Two of them are uncompressed and three of them are compressed into one zip called


Auto detection

PRG will try to auto detect your games. If your game is detected, PRG will display the cover and screenshots of that game, it will also download any specific configuration that could be required to run that game. That configuration can be a special keyboard mapping, CPU emulation type, among others.

At first, PRG will try to detect your game using its name. The name will be converted to a standard code and that will be used to search into its games database. These are examples of that conversion:

Mega Turrican.smd -> megaturrican
Pole Position.atr -> poleposition

If the game is not detected by this automatic code, PRG will read the contents of the file to look for a specific id to search into the games database. Your game may be not recognized today, but the code is being improved as we advance the development and add more games to the database.

Commodore Amiga

Commodore Amiga has games that require more than one disk, that means that you will have more than one file for each game.

For multi disk Amiga games, the game code is taken from the directory containing the game. For example this will be recognized as fireandice



MAME games depends directly on the version of the MAME emulator. To make things easy, PRG use four folders to look for games.

prg/mame/2001   MAME 0.37b
prg/mame/2003 MAME 0.78
prg/mame/2010 MAME 0.139
prg/mame/2014 MAME 0.159

Just put the .zip or .7z files on those folders. DON’T UNCOMPRESS THEM!

This is an example


Adding MAME games is not as simple as adding a console game

Final Burn Alpha

Just put the individual .zip or .7z files your fba folder. DON’T UNCOMPRESS THEM!


MSX has games that require more than one disk, that means that you will have more than one file for each game.

For multi disk games, the game code is taken from the directory containing the game. For example this will be recognized as golvellius2



Each ScummVM game is a collection of files inside a directory, they were originally MS-DOS games (or Amiga).
The name of the directory has to be the code that ScummVM define for each game

This is an example for the game Day of the Tentacle, with ScummVM code “tentacle”