Release notes

2020-02-28 | Borders

2019-12-20 | Automapped controllers

Now you can just pick your favorite controller and start playing, no mapping required!

Note 1: If you are using a non-standard controller you can still map the buttons, but there is no need to assign controllers to players anymore.

Note 2: 8bitdo N64 controller is automapped by default for N64 games.

2019-11-15 | The New Deal

This update fixes the infamous “parsing error” on the Nvidia Shield! BOOM! This update also includes:



A big thanks to:

2019-11-07 | EmuMovies

A big thanks to: Allan MacDonald and Stuart Law for pushing me to do this EmuMovies integration!

2019-08-12 | Themes for Noobs

Some users have reported having problems after the latest Nvidia Shield update, receiving a “parsing error” while installing APK files. If that is your case, try uninstalling all RetroX related packages – not only the app – you will find the emulators under System Apps in the Shield. If the problem persists, a factory reset will certainly fix it.

We also have created a special page to get Help for the Themes 4 Noobs release.

2019-07-25 | Online Themes

2019-06-26 | DOS Boss

This update includes several improvements for DOS:

The Atari 800 emulator also receives the new Virtual Keyboard and Button Mapper

2019-03-01 | Mini

Theme engine improvements

CRT Support

Added mGBA emulator for GameBoy and GameBoy Color

2019-02-18 | ScummVM for Oreo

ScummVM improvements:

2019-01-18 | Cheats

2018-12-22 | Soft boot

2018-12-20 | Silent Oreo

2018-12-15 CohoNES

Added NES options

Two Amiga emulator options:

Fixes in Themes:

2018-12-13 | Smooth