Release notes

2021-05-11 | RetroX 3 Collections

A new milestone for RetroX! Full announcement here: RetroX 3 Release

2021-01-21 | Groups + fixes v3

2020-12-22 | Groups

Duplicated games are now grouped. You will see only one entry per game, and RetroX will display a list of available clones/duplicates to choose from just before starting the game.

2020-06-22 | The Next 64 Bezels

Now N64 is supported by the libretro based Mupen64Plus Next Emulator. This means better compatibility, less glitches and all the features available for RetroArch on RetroX like cheats, live backgrounds and… bezels.

Yes from this version your games can have bezels from the Bezel Project. You only need to select Borders -> Bezels and RetroX will automatically download and install the bezels for you.

Also in this release:

2020-04-08 | Titan

Sega Saturn improvements:

Other improvemnts:

2020-04-01 | Sega Saturn

Some notes:

2020-02-28 | Borders

2019-12-20 | Automapped controllers

Now you can just pick your favorite controller and start playing, no mapping required!

Note 1: If you are using a non-standard controller you can still map the buttons, but there is no need to assign controllers to players anymore.

Note 2: 8bitdo N64 controller is automapped by default for N64 games.

2019-11-15 | The New Deal

This update fixes the infamous “parsing error” on the Nvidia Shield! BOOM! This update also includes:



A big thanks to:

2019-11-07 | EmuMovies

A big thanks to: Allan MacDonald and Stuart Law for pushing me to do this EmuMovies integration!

2019-08-12 | Themes for Noobs

Some users have reported having problems after the latest Nvidia Shield update, receiving a “parsing error” while installing APK files. If that is your case, try uninstalling all RetroX related packages – not only the app – you will find the emulators under System Apps in the Shield. If the problem persists, a factory reset will certainly fix it.

We also have created a special page to get Help for the Themes 4 Noobs release.

2019-07-25 | Online Themes

2019-06-26 | DOS Boss

This update includes several improvements for DOS:

The Atari 800 emulator also receives the new Virtual Keyboard and Button Mapper

2019-03-01 | Mini

Theme engine improvements

CRT Support

Added mGBA emulator for GameBoy and GameBoy Color

2019-02-18 | ScummVM for Oreo

ScummVM improvements:

2019-01-18 | Cheats

2018-12-22 | Soft boot

2018-12-20 | Silent Oreo

2018-12-15 CohoNES

Added NES options

Two Amiga emulator options:

Fixes in Themes:

2018-12-13 | Smooth